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The Sacramento Business Journal reports that California-0based Raley’s has made its first acquisition since the 1990s - six Scolari’s Food & Drug stores in northern Nevada.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to the story, five of the stores “will be rebranded as Raley's. Those stores currently operate as Scolari’s Food & Drug. The sixth store, Sak ‘N Save, is also under the umbrella of Scolari's. Under the acquisition, it will still be called Sak ‘N Save and become part of the Food Source division of Raley’s.”

The Journal notes that “in addition to the stores it just acquired, Raley's has 122 stores under four banners. Its most recent acquisition was in the 1990s, when the chain purchased Nob Hill Foods in the Bay Area and Bel Air Markets locally. Acquiring the Scolari’s stores will bolster the presence of Raley's in Nevada, where it currently has 11 Raley’s stores, one Food Source location and two Aisle One fuel stations.”
KC's View:
This is what companies like Raley’s have to do in order to survive - expand the footprint so it can have greater buying power while at the same time working hard to create a shopping experience that is more unique, more compelling, more differentiated.

Can’t do one without the other.