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USA Today reports that Toys R Us delayed its plan to begin a liquidation sale yesterday, saying that “unforeseen circumstances” were to blame. The paper says that these circumstances included attorneys “preparing a court filing for the bankruptcy judge to sign off on the process, said a person with knowledge of the company’s deliberations.”

According to the paper, “Shoppers throughout the country headed for Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores in the morning expecting to see markdowns on dolls, games, baby supplies and all other merchandise. Instead, they were greeted by signs alerting them that the sales had been postponed, and in some cases apologizing for the confusion.”

The Washington Post is reporting, by the way, that Toys R Us also is annoying customers holding gift cards, which it says it will stop accepting in mid-April, and those who got Toys R Us credit cards so they could rack up rewards that could be used at the store; once the chain is gone, those rewards will be useless.
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