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Business Insider reports that Amazon has begun informing at least some of the cities that it said were finalists in a search for a second headquarters city in North America - HQ2 - that they have not been chosen.

Officials in Arlington, Texas, just 20 miles from Dallas, say that Amazon execs gave them the news a couple of weeks ago.

According to the story, “While Arlington did not make the 20-city shortlist for Amazon's new headquarters, Dallas did. On Tuesday, Arlington city officials released details of the bid it had submitted with Dallas … Arlington had offered $921 million in incentives, the officials said after disclosing the bid's rejection. Those included things like parking space, incentives for Amazon to hire local residents, and land grants for developing the new headquarters.”

Arlington officials say that it is their impression that Amazon may be looking for a more robust urban environment.

Amazon has said that HQ2 will cost $5 billion to build and may result in the creation of 50,000 jobs - plus the economic development that results from supporting businesses.

CNBC reports that “Amazon is closing in on the site of its new headquarters after visiting all 20 finalist locations … The report didn't indicate whether the list has been narrowed or whether there is a leading contender, but officials from several cities told NBC they had seen a flurry of interest from other companies (not Amazon) in the wake of Amazon's interest.”
KC's View:
I’ve been arguing that I think it’ll be either Boston or Austin, though I’ve been swayed to believe that Toronto may have a better-than-outside shot. I have one MNB reader who swears that it is going to be Columbus, Ohio, and that the decision already has been made … though I’ve seen no supporting evidence.