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The Wall Street Journal has a story this morning about the beers of summer - specifically, how “Mexican-style beers have become an unexpected darling of the artisanal set, and craft-brewed takes on this category have started to bubble up all over.”

There are five that the Journal specifically recommends, perfect for “an empty beach, a lapping tide”:

• Anchor Brewing Los Gigantes: “Like Mexican street corn straight from a vendor’s grill, this is sweet, with a lime-y tang and the slightly savory finish of Anchor’s trademark yeast.”

• North Coast Brewing Co. Laguna Baja: “The darkest of this bunch, opening with the toffee sweetness of a good espresso’s crema and finishing with its sharp kick.”

• Flying Dog Brewery Numero Uno: “Sweetened with agave nectar and zesty with citrus, a tart refreshing take for the Margarita set.”

• Oskar Blues Brewery Beerito: “The honeyed bloom of roasted hazelnuts builds to a brittle, sugar-crusted finish, like crunchy cinnamon toast.”

• Full Sail Brewing Co. Sesión Negra: “A weathered orange-brown in hue, this beer is sparkling-light, with the nutty, grainy chew of oat berries.”
KC's View:
I’m getting thirsty just reading about these. Here’s what I’m wondering … if I add a lime, does it make any of them a citrus-based breakfast beverage?

Just asking.

By the way … any retailer worth its salt should take this Journal article/list, blow it up down at Kinko’s, and then post it over these beers that have been pulled into a display, and maybe offer a deal if you buy all of them. Maybe do tastings if you’re legally allowed. The goal - do something that an online retailer can’t do.