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Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports that taxi drivers in Madrid and Barcelona went on strike last week and over the weekend, claiming that more than 15,000 drivers were acting in solidarity to protest “against ‘unfair competition’ from Uber and Cabify.”

According to the story, “Violence erupted in Barcelona where the strike began on Wednesday. Drivers threw stones at the vehicles of Uber-style licensed private chauffeurs, with some ending up with flat tyres. The attacks prompted Uber and Cabify to suspend their services in Barcelona for as long as the taxi strike lasts.”
KC's View:
Hard for me to imagine how going ons strike is a positive branding move for the taxicab folks. Might’ve been a better idea to actually deliver better, more competitive service.

When the strike ends, I suspect that passengers will make companies like Uber even more popular, just to send a message.