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Yahoo Finance has a story about how Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi recently said that the company’s food delivery business,Uber Eats, “hit $6 billion in bookings earlier this year, growing over 200%, quickly becoming a crown jewel for the ride-sharing company.”

That means, he said, that “the next logical step is to enter the grocery space.”

“‘With Eats, we’re getting into the business of moving food around. I think that this product of delivering great quality food to you at home in 30 minutes or less is magical and is going to move into grocery in a way that’s fundamental and a lot more people are going to be eating at home…you can absolutely see grocery as being an adjacency,’ he said at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit 2018.”
KC's View:
I’ll be interested to see if Uber has something more ambitious in mind than just being part of the Instacart-Postmates-GrubHub universe. To me, Uber could leapfrog these competitors if it can come up with a strategy in which it supports retail brands and builds their connection to shoppers, as opposed to virtually disintermediating them. Playing the short game it has been playing is fine, but I also believe that it needs to have some sort of vision for a strategic long game.