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by Kevin Coupe

Normally, stealing from a retailer is frowned upon. But according to Fast Company, Chipotle has decided to embrace it.

The problem was that too many people were stealing the small Tabasco bottles that the fast feeder kept in its stores so people could add it to their burritos. But they were so small - and people liked them so much - that they were disappearing at an alarming rate, especially at Chipotle units near college campuses.

Rather than fight it, Chipotle now has decided to make available “Things You Borrow” kits that include a pile of napkins, some forks, and two Tabasco sauces … all given to people who place digital orders at its stores, and in some cases to people who actually come into their stores.

It is an Eye-Opening approach. “Chipotle seems to recognize that there’s only so much you can change consumer behavior,” Fast Company writes, and so it may be better off just accepting the fact that people are going to steal its condiments.

In fact, after a period of time during which people stopped going to Chipotle because of a series of food safety problems, maybe it ought to be thankful that people are coming it at all … losing condiments may just be part of the price of remaining in business.
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