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CNBC reports that not only does Chipotle plan to put drive-thru lanes, called "Chipotlanes," in half the new restaurants it currently is building, but it believes it can surpass the speed of its competitors.

“It takes us all of 12 seconds to get you your food when you pull up in your car because you’ve already paid in advance and made the whole order,” Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol tells CNBC.

The story notes that a recent survey found that "on average, customers spent more than four minutes from speaker to order window … Chipotle is able to keep its drive-thru times fast by restricting its Chipotlanes only to digital orders, which also happen to be the most profitable type of transaction for the company."

The story goes on: "In recent quarters, the chain has spurred growth by focusing on digital sales. During its third quarter, digital sales, which include delivery, grew 87.9% and accounted for nearly a fifth of Chipotle’s revenue."
KC's View:
Happy to see that Chipotle is getting headlines for something other than food safety issues … and these are good headlines.

I think the growth of the retailer's digital business actually is sort of remarkable, and it is instructive that the company is being so aggressive about building infrastructure into its stores that will enable and grow this sector of the business.