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• Leanplum is out with a new study concluding that more than 95 percent of consumers plan to do at least half their holiday shopping online.

Sixteen percent of younger Americans (Millennials and Gen Zs), the survey says, will do all their holiday shopping online.

More from the study: "Three-quarters of shoppers find it helpful to receive emails from retailers regarding deals and promotions. Interestingly, 74 percent of those surveyed said they were 'excited' to receive notifications from retailers about offers/sales. After receiving a notification from a brand about a deal, almost 70 percent said they would check out the offer and probably purchase the item.

"However, 75 percent of respondents said generic messages from retailers annoy or bother them."

It needs to be pointed out that Leanplum describes itself as a "multi-channel engagement platform," so it has a dog ion this hunt. But … even if the conclusions are only half right, they are worth noting, because we ain't going back, folks.
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