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Motley Fool reports that Walmart, looking to compete more effectively against D-I-Y retailers Home Depot and Lowe's, "is launching a wide-ranging line of tools in areas from home improvement to lawn and garden to automotive, including items like leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and chain saws. Operating under the brand Hart, which will be exclusive to Walmart, the new product line works with an interchangeable battery platform of 20 or 40 volts, allowing Walmart customers to layer on new tools according to their need. Since Hart tools don't require cords or gas or traditional batteries, the rechargeable platform should help create a valuable brand ecosystem, as customers are likely to expand their collections over time."

The line is designed to appeal to a higher-end customers than its entry level Hyper Tough tool line.

The Motley Fool story concludes with the following analysis: "Like it's done with Allswell in mattresses, MoDRN in furniture, and Parent's Choice in baby products, Walmart should continue to launch new private and exclusive brands to help differentiate it from the competition. With its network of stores, economies of scale, and reputation for low prices, Walmart is capable of competing in any retail category it sees opportunities in."
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