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C+R research is out with a new study about package delivery, illustrating some of the problems inherent with e-commerce delivery programs:

• "92% of consumers expect to get a least one online order delivered this holiday season."

• "54% are fearful of packages being stolen when making online purchases, 42% avoid buying certain items due to theft."

• "36% of consumers have reported having a package stolen once within the last year (This is up from 31% from a separate 2017 study on package theft)."

• "44% of those impacted installed a camera or a doorbell camera after having a package stolen (82% believe this provides 'peace of mind')."
KC's View:
I don't want to jinx myself, but I've don't think I've ever had a package stolen from my front door. (Though I do have a Ring camera, which does make me feel more secure.)

I'm more worried about the guy who delivers my mail, who in a rainstorm leaves packages in the driveway rather than take a few extra steps and putting it inside the garage where they stay dry.