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by Kevin Coupe

CNBC has an interview with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon in which he says that one of the biggest problems the company has in growing the in-home component of its e-commerce business comes down to one word:


As in dogs that are there to "greet" people delivering e-commerce orders being fulfilled by Walmart.

“We have this place on the app where customers can tell us whether they have a dog or not,” McMillon tells CNBC. “And sometimes they misinform us about whether the dog is in the house, or not in the house. We’ve had a few instances where we just stop the delivery, exit the home, call the owner and say, ‘We’ll need to resolve the dog issue before we put your food in the refrigerator.’”

Now that's an Eye-Opener. Though i have to think that down the road, there will be a lot bigger problems with this model than dogs.

I also know this - give our dog an Oreo and Zazu not only would hold the refrigerator door for you, but probably would help you clean out the safe (if we had a safe, and if it actually had anything in it).
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