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CNN reports that Walmart announced yesterday that "it will renovate produce areas with new signs highlighting prices and shorter merchandise bins to create an 'open market feel' for customers. Walmart will also move all of its organic items into a single area of the department to make them easier to find. And it will widen the aisles to try to keep them from clogging up with customers and employees who pick up online grocery orders."

The timeline: "The revamp, which Walmart has dubbed 'Produce 2.0,' has already started at more than 200 stores. Walmart expects to complete it at the majority of its 4,700 US stores by next summer."

The reason: Walmart does considerable produce picking for online orders in its stores, and it needs a more open format if it is going to give its associates access to the department with the least amount of interference with customers.

And, "Walmart hopes a new merchandising look will help convince shoppers that it offers high-quality fruit and vegetables."
KC's View:
Yet another example of how Walmart is not screwing around … and seems to be firing on all cylinders as it reinvents its business even as it deals with the inevitable internal political issues that emerge when you try to disrupt yourself.