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Actors Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) have gone into business with Walmart-owned Sam's Club.

Or, at least, their products have.

Reynolds is an owner of Aviation Gin, and Jackman is an owner of Laughing Man Coffee.  They've also had a long fake feud on social media, which they now are putting to the service of this new business deal.

According to The Drum, "Between 10 November and 20 December, all purchases of the competing products will be tallied as an indirect vote for Team Ryan or Team Hugh, while those not in need of a liquid pick-me-up can vote directly via a dedicated campaign website.

"The confrontation is all for a good cause with the winner not only earning priceless bragging rights but Sam's Club will donate equal amounts to each actor's foundation when the campaign ends."

The actors also will put their considerable charms and high profiles to work promoting the contest, the brands … and, by extension, Sam's, which ends up looking pretty cool by the company it keeps.

Here's a teaser video: