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•  Ghost Kitchen Brands announced that it is "expanding its relationship with Walmart as it opens its first U.S. location in Rochester, New York. The opportunity will make one-stop meal pickup or delivery available from up to 25 well-known and loved brands including many new additions to Ghost Kitchens’ roster, such as Costa Coffee, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken."

The company said that the announcement "builds on Ghost Kitchens’ existing Canadian relationship with Walmart and will see Ghost Kitchens open in additional locations in U.S. Walmart stores over the coming months and next year. This includes expansion into Texas, California, Illinois and Georgia, among others. Ghost Kitchens allows customers to order freshly prepared restaurant meals for delivery or pickup while shopping at select Walmart locations. This unique omnichannel experience further strengthens Ghost Kitchens’ position as an industry leader in providing convenient and affordable restaurant solutions that customers have come to expect."