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•  The New York Times reports that "with food prices surging, many Americans have found their household budgets upended, forcing difficult choices at the supermarket and putting new demands on programs intended to help.

"Food banks and pantries, too, are struggling with the increase in costs, substituting or pulling the most expensive products, like beef, from offerings. What’s more, donations of food are down, even as the number of people seeking help remains elevated.

"Even well-off Americans have noticed that many items are commanding higher prices, but they can still manage. It’s different for people with limited means."

•  The Lakeland Ledger reports that "Publix Pharmacy has installed drug-disposal kiosks in select pharmacies  in five states for customers to dispose of leftover or expired prescription medications.  Publix is the latest among pharmacy retailers and health care providers to encourage consumers to properly dispose of medicines to prevent misuse or abuse as well as to reduce the environmental impact."