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•  The Verge reports that Amazon has expanded its Alexa-based systems' capabilities so that they can detect certain sounds and then send alerts to the user.

For example, the Alexa devices now will be able to detect when your washer or dryer chimes go off, and let you know via text or email.  Or, it can let you know if you've left the water running.  Previously, the story says, the "device could only recognize dogs barking, babies crying, snoring, glass shattering, as well as smoke alarms beeping."

In addition, the story says, "if you’re an Amazon Pharmacy customer, you can now say, “Alexa, refill my medications,” when you need a refill on your prescriptions. Alexa will provide you with updates on when your medications are delivered, and you can also ask Alexa to call Amazon Pharmacy if you need any assistance. In the past, the ability to request refills through Alexa was only available to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers."