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Content Guy's Note:  From my first trip to an Amazon Go store when I got a  preview of the original version in Seattle before it opened to the public, I've been excited about the potential for this technology.  I think it immediately rewires shoppers' brains, creating different-level expectations for the checkout experience, and I've said here many times that I believe this service eventually will be as ubiquitous as scanning.

Over the years I've visited pilot stores powered by technologies that compete with Amazon Go - specifically Standard Cognition and Zippin. There have been a number of stories lately about the checkout-free trend, suggesting to me that it may be gaining both  traction and momentum, and so I wanted to check in with the leaders of both companies to see what they have to say about their strategies, vision, and rollout expectations.

Today, we have an MNB/In Conversation segment with Michael Suswal, co-founder and Chief Business Officer at the now-renamed/rebranded Standard AI, and tomorrow we'll have Zippin's co-founder and CEO, Krishna Motukuri.  I hope you enjoy.

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