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•  Amazon said yesterday that it has partnered with the Houston Astros to bring its Just Walk Out technology - used in Amazon Go units, as well as in select Whole Foods stores - at Minute Maid Park, "providing fans a faster and easier shopping experience during the 2022 Major League Baseball season and beyond … The Just Walk Out technology-enabled ‘19th Hole’ store is located on the Concourse level behind Section 156, and the Just Walk Out technology-enabled ‘Market’ store is located on the Honda Club level behind Section 211. Both stores offer a selection of snacks, soda, candy, and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages. The Concourse level store also offers pre-packaged salads, wine bottles, and souvenirs."

Remember the estimate by one expert that within three years, roughly half the country will have had at least one checkout-free store experience.  Which will rewire their brains and raise their expectations.