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•  Ahold Delhaize USA said that its Q1 net sales were up 5.8 percent to $13.68 billion, on same-store sales that were up 4.1 percent overall and 3.3 percent excluding fuel.

Q1 e-grocery sales were 4.6% to $1.08 billion.

•  The New York Times this morning has a piece about "the rising cost of cooking oil," writing that "extreme weather and the war in Ukraine have tightened global supplies of the four most commonly used types of vegetable oil — staple ingredients that are as ubiquitous in home kitchens as they are in restaurants and packaged foods. In low-income countries, cooking oil represents one of the biggest weekly expenditures for poor families and the source of about 10 percent of the world’s daily calories, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute.

"But even in affluent countries, these higher prices are being sharply felt."  The Times points out that District Doughnut, in Washington, DC, has seen its vegetable oil prices double in recent months and has "increased the price of single doughnuts for customers at their five shops but are trying to hold steady on the pricing for multiple doughnuts so they don’t lose too much business."