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CVS Health last week released what it called The Rx Report: A New Day in Retail Pharmacy, saying that a survey conducted by Morning Consult concluded that there is a "strong consumer preference and demand for an expanded role of pharmacists."

Prem Shah, CVS's Executive Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, said that the shifts in behavior during the pandemic has taught us that "consumers have become accustomed to receiving expanded care at their local pharmacies and it's imperative that lawmakers and regulators take action to ensure continued access to critical services."

Among ther conclusions from the survey:  "61 percent of adults say they would like to get a greater range of health services from their local pharmacy."  In addition, 74 percent of those surveyed "trust their local pharmacist/pharmacy team and agree pharmacists should provide health care services when primary care is unavailable" … 61 percent said that they "would like to be able to get a greater range of health services from their local pharmacy" … and 69 percent said that they "believe pharmacist services should be covered by insurance like other provider services."

KC's View:

All of which sounds great, except that whenever CVS makes these statements about wanting to play a greater role in the health care continuum, I cannot help but think of what I saw at my local CVS pharmacy counter:

Very little about this image suggests to me that I ought to trust these folks or give them a greater role in my health care.  In fact, very little suggests any level of professionalism.