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Reuters reports that Dollar General Corp "was sued on Tuesday by Ohio, which accused the company of baiting shoppers with low prices on store shelves, only to then charge more at the register.

"Citing inflationary pressures faced by consumers, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said he sued after receiving 12 complaints about overcharges, including from a shopper charged $2 for shampoo that was listed at $1 on the shelf.

"Yost said Ohio lets stores have error rates on overcharges as high as 2%, but that testing last month at 20 Dollar General stores in Butler County, just north of Cincinnati, found error rates of 16.7% to 88.2%."

KC's View:

Isolated cases can be characterized as mistakes.  But when the problem is systemic, and the company seems to be going out of its way not to do anything to rectify the situation, "dishonest" does seem to be the appropriate word.

Dollar General never should've let it get this far.  I'd call it retail malpractice.