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California Attorney General Rob Bonta said this week that his office "sent letters to seven manufacturers of plastic bags demanding that they substantiate their claims that the bags are recyclable. The seven manufacturers provide a large portion of the bags used by California grocery retailers and have certified that these bags meet recyclability requirements as required by state law SB 270.

"However, despite the manufacturers' claims and widespread consumer belief in recycling, plastic bags do not, in fact, appear to generally be recyclable, let alone 'recyclable in the state,' as required for such bags sold in California. Under Business and Professions Code sections 17508 and 17580, the Attorney General demands that the manufacturers produce evidence to substantiate their claims by November 16, 2022, or face potential enforcement action."

“Most Californians are under the impression that plastic bags are recyclable,” Bonta said in a prepared statement. “It's a logical conclusion: California has banned single-use plastics, and we see the 'chasing arrows' symbol or 100% recyclable printed on most every bag we get from the grocery store. But astonishingly, there's a good chance that most, if not all, these bags are not actually recyclable in California. As Attorney General, I'm committed to tackling the global plastic pollution crisis and the corporations behind it. I demand that manufacturers provide evidence to back up their claims about the recyclability of our grocery bags.”

KC's View:

Seems to me that bag manufacturers ought to be glad for the opportunity to prove that they've been honest, truthful and, now, transparent.

I cannot imagine why anyone would think that this requirement is a bad thing.