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The Cincinnati Bengals said this week that Dayton, Ohio-based Dorothy Lane Markets' iconic Killer Brownie has been named the team's official brownie.

From the press release:

"The signature Killer Brownies® are decadent gourmet desserts featuring layers of rich, fudgy brownies that are stuffed with creamy caramel and inclusions, like nuts and Belgian chocolate chips.

"An Ohio-native company, Killer Brownie proudly announced a multi-year partnership with the Cincinnati Bengals. 'As a Bengals fan since I was a little girl, this is a dream come true,' said Chimene Mayne-Ross, President of The Killer Brownie® Company. 'But my real draw is to the Brown family and the amazing organization they’ve built. We are so proud to see the Killer Brownie brand alongside a family team whose values inspire us daily.'

"Over 40 years ago, Killer Brownie was born in the bakeries of the famous midwestern grocer, Dorothy Lane Market, and quickly grew a local cult following. To keep up with demand, DLM’s CEO, Norman Mayne, created The Killer Brownie Company, which thrives under the leadership of his daughter, Chimene Mayne-Ross.

"The Killer Brownie has been our signature item for years at DLM, and now that we are partnering with the! I couldn’t be more excited,” said Calvin Mayne, President of Dorothy Lane Market. “Our family is also passionate about making our fans and friends happy, and we look forward to making sweet memories together with the Bengals.”

KC's View:

I love the Mayne family.  Love Dorothy Lane Market.   Love the Killer Brownies.  (I'm a Jets fan … but three out of four ain't bad.)

I think this is terrific … I hope they sell a million Killer Brownies as a result.  As Norman Mayne would say, "It's a living."