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Bloomberg reports that "Tesco Plc is expanding its experiment with stores where customers can walk straight out with their shopping instead of visiting a checkout counter. The only catch is, this time there will be traditional cashiers on offer as well.

Three new GetGo stores in London and Birmingham will follow a 'hybrid format' designed to avoid alienating customers who have been put off by cashierless technology.

"Tesco followed Inc. last year by opening its first cashierless store in London’s High Holborn, allowing customers to check in with the Tesco app, pick up groceries and leave thanks to a network of cameras tracking what they buy. 

"The three new stores will use the same technology, but shoppers who don’t want to use the app will still be able to use self-service tills or have their goods scanned by a person."

KC's View:

I'm sure this decision is a reaction to consumer demand, but it seems to me that this is chickening out a bit.  If you're going to lead, lead.  Don't prevaricate.