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•  VegNews reports that while there may only be one Blockbuster video rental store still operating in the US (in Bend, Oregon), "there is a new Blockbuster-themed pop-up in Los Angeles … where nostalgic cocktails and atmosphere will be the main draw. With their membership cards in hand (drink tickets), guests can relive the experience of browsing for movie titles in categories arranged along the walls at Blockbuster.

"However, the movies here are actually drink orders organized by different cocktails, spirits, and beers, along with non-alcoholic choices. The drinks are inspired by movie releases from the ‘90s and 2000s, with a recipe on the back of the box where a film synopsis would typically be found. Guests pick out their selection and bring it to the Blockbuster checkout counter where a bartender creates their drinks … In addition to libations, the Blockbuster Speakeasy popup will offer a food menu with a variety of items. Here, the main vegan food attraction will be the Blockbuster Burger which can be ordered with a plant-based Beyond Meat patty topped with mustard, pickles, and diced onions. Tickets start at $29 per person with a throwback cocktail included."

The story says that "the pop-up series is organized by media entertainment company New Gold Empire and Bucket Listers, a platform that connects adventure-seekers with inspiring experiences in 12 cities."

This assumes that consumers have a fond memory of going to Blockbuster stores … which means, I think, that a) you have to be of a certain age, and b) have to have a short memory (which may be a function of being of a certain age).  On the other hand, maybe young people will gravitate to it, finding it interesting in the same way that they may be fascinated by rotary-dial phones, fax machines and laser disc players.