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From Reuters:

" Inc hopes to interest a wider range of industries in the technology it developed for cashier-less checkout at brick-and-mortar shops, a vice president said.

In recent years, the e-commerce company has opened stores without cashiers in which cameras and sensors determine what shoppers take and bill them after they exit.

"Since 2020, it has sold these systems to food and retail markets in airports, professional and university stadiums, and a convention center.

"Vice President Dilip Kumar said late on Wednesday the company aims to broaden sales of the technology since it moved the team in charge to its cloud-computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS), in August."

KC's View:

Amazon has been talking a lot more about cost-cutting, but part of finding an even economic keel also means selling more … which means that licensing out its checkout-free technology to bricks-and-mortar stores could be a significant way to generate some revenue.