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The pandemic provided a lifeline for meal kit delivery businesses.  But one turn of events is yet another indication of how some businesses propelled by Covid-19 have slammed into new realities.

The Daily Meal reports that Blue Aron, which was in trouble before the pandemic but found that its fortunes improved when the world went into lockdown, now is suffering from both a shortage of customers and cash - and as a result is laying off 10 percent of its corporate workforce.

According to the story, "Blue Apron apparently needs to cut its expenses by $50 million going into 2023, though the severance payments for these layoffs alone will cost it $1.2 million … According to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Blue Apron's number of customers had dropped from 350,000 to 323,000, down from the same period last year. This is especially troubling for the company as its biggest competitor, HelloFresh, continues to grow. It counts 3.67 million customers and growing in the United States at the same time. Blue Apron seems to hope that this reduction in its workforce will be enough to turn things around and make it a more lean competitive force in the market."

KC's View:

Blue Apron's resurgence always felt temporary, even illusory.  No surprise here.

The pandemic should've given the company room to adjust its business model for a time when things returned to "normal," whatever the hell that is.  But it appears that this is not what happened.