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From USA Today:

"Walgreens and CVS on Wednesday said they plan to sell the abortion pill after the U.S. Federal Drug Administration relaxed its rules on where patients can buy the drug. 

"The announcements from the pharmacy chains come one day after the FDA said any certified mail and brick-and-mortar pharmacy can dispense the abortion pill mifepristone. Patients will still need a prescription but will no longer be required to pick it up in person at a doctor's office or clinic.

"CVS and Walgreens will need to get certified in the FDA's program before they can begin selling the drug, and the new rule won't change access for those in states where abortion is restricted."

KC's View:

I do think that USA Today underestimates the degree to which this is likely to become a flashpoint in many communities where abortion is a contentious issue.

As I said here yesterday, pro-choice advocates will demand that stores have these pills available, and anti-choice forces will pressure retailers not to carry them.  The debate will rage online, in pulpits and town meetings, probably in parking lots as demonstrations take place, and retailers that just want to take their of their customers may be forced to make decisions they'd rather not make.

To my knowledge, major food retailers with pharmacy operations have not weighed in on how they will deal with the new FDA guidance.

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