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•  Kroger this week is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the introduction of its Simple Truth brand, which offers products "that are Free From unwanted ingredients, including more than 101 artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners … The brand's products contain no artificial ingredients and offer minimally processed, naturally raised meats that are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, without antibiotics or added hormones. Simple Truth® Certified Organic products are produced by organic growers and handlers certified by agencies and organizations accredited by the USDA, free from synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering."

Since being introduced, Kroger says, Simple Truth has grown into a $3 billion+ brand.

•  From Forbes:

"The licensing and brand management firm that controls the Toys R Us brand is bringing back another member of the R Us family. It plans to open a Babies R Us flagship store at American Dream mall in New Jersey this summer.

"The news comes as the survival of one of Babies R Us’ competitors, Buy Buy Baby, is in question, as parent company Bed Bath & Beyond hints bankruptcy could be in its future.

"WHP Global, which acquired a controlling stake in the Toys R Us brand names and intellectual properties after the bankruptcy and liquidation of the giant toy retailer, today said it plans to return the brand, which has licensed stores in other countries, to United States shoppers.

"The first reborn Babies R Us store in this country will be located in the same New Jersey mall where WHP Global relaunched the Toys R Us brand in this country, with its flagship Toys R Us store."

According to the story, the first step "will be the opening of a 10,000 square-foot Babies R Us flagship at American Dream, near the Toys R Us flagship, followed by the announcement of a national retail partner, similar to the partnership Toys R Us has with Macy’s.

"WHP Global initially partnered with Macy’s to sell toys on the Macy’s website, under the Toys R Us brand name. Last year Macy’s and Toys R Us opened Toys R Us branded toy shops in all Macy’s department stores in time for the holiday season.

"WHP Global is not yet saying anything about who the Babies R Us retail partner will be."