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National Public Radio reports that In-N-Out plans to open new locations in Tennessee, as well as an "eastern territory office" there - the farthest east the company ever has gone.   So far.

At the moment, there are around 400 In-N-Outs operating in six states - California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oregon.  The new office in Tennessee will be in Franklin, just south of Nashville.

According to the story, "State officials, who cheered the announcement, said In-N-Out's planned administrative office in Tennessee is expected to be a $125.5 million investment that will create 277 new jobs in Williamson County."

Locations in Tennessee are expected to start opening by 2026.

KC's View:

It isn't all that far from Dallas, the easternmost market where In-N-Out currently has locations, to Nashville - just 660 miles.  A little far to drive for a Double-Double animal-style, but certainly within reach for the company's distribution infrastructure.

The most exciting part of this announcement is the implication that In-N-Out may decide to expand into additional markets in eastern territories.

Hope springs eternal.