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The Takeout reports that as Kroger prepares to navigate the legislative and regulatory landscape in its quest to acquire Albertsons, it also is "trying to take over another part of the food space: This grocery store might soon become your favorite takeout restaurant, too."

This week, the story says, "Kroger will open Mix Food Halls at two Ohio locations. These are essentially in-store food courts with options from recognizable chains like Hardee’s, Nathan’s, Saladworks, and David Chang’s Fuku Fried Chicken … the food hall looks like a slightly classier version of the Costco food court, or a condensed version of airport dining. Customers can order either from their phones or from a touchscreen at the store, and all orders are prepared in the same kitchen."

The food halls are slated to open in Kroger's Clintonville and Dublin stores.

KC's View:

Talk about being damned with faint praise.

The shame of it, in my view, is that Kroger could use this strategy to be more aspirational and inspirational.  After all, central Ohio also is the place that gave birth to Dorothy Lane Market, which is both those things on steroids.  But I suppose the argument is that this simply is a way to compete with mainstream retailers and foodservice operators for share of stomach, and more about convenience and transactions, not reaching for higher level food appeal.

Nothing wrong with that.  I just think it could've been better.