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•  Forbes reports that "Nike has partnered with Netflix on an initiative called the Nike Training Club, which consists of an initial 46 videos of exercise content that are now available on the streaming platform, according to Deadline. The entire series will feature 30 hours of “motivating exercise sessions” and is available in multiple languages.

"The Nike Training Club content on Netflix is broken out into segments with titles like '10 Minute Workouts,' '20 Minute Workouts,' 'Bodyweight Burn' and 'High Intensity Training,' each of which contain multiple short episodes. The series offers an array of different types of guided exercise, such as cardio and yoga."

The stalling out of the streaming trend - still significant, but running into headwinds because growing competition and inflationary costs - means that companies like Netflix are well advised to find new content that will bring in viewers/subscribers.  Ideally, it is non-replicable content, like live sports and entertainment.  Creating a training club like this one with Nike, which has its own substantial customer base, is a smart way to differentiate oneself.