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Wakefern Food Corp. announced that it is working with Trigo, the Israel-based computer vision company, "to pilot an autonomous supermarket making use of Trigo's AI-based frictionless checkout technology."

First up is a test convenience store operating on Wakefern's New Jersey campus, only open to company employees, who will test the technology before it is used in stores open to shoppers.

This is Trigo's first foray into US retail, after launches with the UK's Tesco and Germany's REWE, Aldi NORD and Netto, owned by The EDEKA Group.

The technology is described as similar to that used by Amazon and Zippin:  "Trigo transforms existing supermarkets and grocers into fully autonomous, digital stores, combining their technology with Trigo computer vision to create a seamless shopping experience. Applying Trigo's GDPR compliant technology to various locations will allow retailers to successfully scale their business while maintaining their unique character and layout. Shoppers use an app to scan a QR code as they enter, and then will be free to pick up items and leave without having to checkout – there is no exit gate."

KC's View:

I'll say it again - checkout-free, frictionless technology will at some point be as ubiquitous as scanning.