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Axios reports that "Fat Tire Ale, the iconic craft brew that inspired a generation of independent beer fans, is getting a new recipe and a new look meant to attract climate-conscious consumers … The prior easy-drinking amber is now a crisper golden ale meant to appeal to the tailgate crowd — but the brewer says longtime fans will notice original flavor threads."

At the same time, " Fat Tire maker New Belgium Brewing Co. introduced a new tagline and packaging Tuesday, reading 'high quality, low impact' - a reference to the beer's zero-emissions production process."

"The move is aimed at 'the current generation of new craft drinkers,' New Belgium CEO Steve Fechheimer tells Axios. The younger generation 'is a group that really cares about the brands they purchase'."

KC's View:

I'm all in favor of being carbon neutral, but I must admit to being a little concerned by Fat Tire changing the recipe for its flagship brand.  I'm a big Fat Tire fan, and worry a little bit that this could be a New Coke deal … how long before New Belgium introduced Fat Tire Classic?

(That said, I haven't tasted the new version.  But I will.  Soon.)