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by Kevin Coupe

Lovely little story in Axios DC about the Everyday Sundae ice cream shop in Washington, DC, where last year a mom was there buying ice cream for her kids.  She saw the owner, Charles Foreman, give a kid a cone on the house where the child didn't have any money.

According to the story, "That mom returned a week later to donate $100 to "take care of kids less fortunate.

"Since then, the ice cream fund has taken off, with customers contributing $20 and $100 at a time."

“'You’re catching people at their best doing things they’re not necessarily [seeking] recognition for,' Foreman says."

Axios DC writes that "the tradition calls to mind an Italian act of charity known as caffè sospeso, or 'suspended coffee,' when a patron buys two espressos — one to enjoy and one for a stranger."

It is, I think, an Eye-Opening little story … nice to know that at a time when the culture seems challenged, businesses and customers are capable of doing the right thing just because it is the right thing.