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Content Guy's Note:  Thriller writer Mark Greaney returns to MNB for his third (and now, annual) visit, marking the publication of his 12th "Gray Man" novel, "Burner," out this week.

I've always enjoyed my conversations with Greaney, and was particularly looking forward to this chat because "Burner" - which once again is a total page-turner - hewed closer to real-world, real-time events than his previous books - the backdrop of the novel is Russia's war on Ukraine.  Greaney was writing it a year ago, as the conflict began, and he had to prognosticate a bit about how things would unfold.  

It is amazing how much he got right, and Greaney talks about the research and writing processes and how his characters have developed … including whether the recent Netflix adaptation has affected his approach.


If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Mark Greaney as an audio podcast, click below.

Mark Greaney's "Burner" is available on Amazon, the iconic Portland independent bookstore Powell's, on, and wherever books are sold.