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The Conference Board is out with a new report that it says "reveals the most important motivators for Gen Z workers. They place the biggest premium on five critical values in the workplace: adequate compensation, control, safety and wellness, growth, and purpose … While these objectives are important to all generations of employees, for Gen Zers, they are imperatives. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z’s comfort with evolving technology and using social media to amplify their concerns sets them apart. Also influencing their views, Gen Zers completed their education remotely and started their careers during especially turbulent times—the COVID-19 pandemic, extraordinary economic uncertainty, geopolitical turmoil, and deep societal unrest."

The report notes that "as US job openings continue to reach historic highs, companies urgently need Gen Z workers. The businesses that win them - and keep them - will be the companies that put a laser-like focus on understanding what matters most to them."

You can access the report here