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by Kevin Coupe

I've said it here before on numerous occasions:  it is a wonderful thing when an ad shows up in my email box that immediately makes me hungry.

Shouldn't that be the first, best goal of any food store?

It happened over the weekend, when I got an email from the iconic Dorothy Lane Markets, for an item as classic and yet prosaic as a BLT.

Except, when seen through the DLM prism, a great BLT is a thing of poetry and beauty.

Which is precisely the message conveyed in this email - that with a little bit of care, a willingness to indulge in great ingredients, and a bit of imagination, a BLT can be something more.  Indeed, should be something more.

Read the ad.  See if, like me, you immediately start craving one of these sandwiches.  (The bad news is that DLM only serves the Dayton, Ohio, market.  But the good news is that they offer recipes, so the rest of us can kind of fake it.)