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From Axios:

"Amazon held its annual fall event to show off the company's latest smart speakers, displays and tablets. But the company's plans to bolster its voice assistant Alexa using generative AI was arguably the biggest news of the day.

"Why it matters: The popularity of Alexa helps boost the company’s hardware strategy and e-commerce business. The Alexa changes will also help demonstrate just how well — or not — Amazon’s generative AI capabilities are keeping pace with Google and other rivals."

According to the story, "Alexa will soon be able to understand body language, including gestures and eye contact through devices such as the recently launched Fire Max 11 tablets.

"The platform will also soon be able to understand and express more human conversational norms, including the use of phrases such as 'uh huh.'  Alexa will also be able to respond to prompts for tasks like providing ideas for a date night or writing a poem."

These new capabilities will be available in coming weeks, Amazon said.

KC's View:

I was curious and didn't want to wait, so I went on ChatGPT this morning and asked it to write me a limerick about Alexa.  here's what it came up with:

"There once was a device named Alexa,

In homes, she was quite the impress-a.

With a voice so refined,

She'd control every line,

Of gadgets, she was the dominatrix-a!"

Then I asked it to write me a haiku on the same subject:

Alexa's soft voice,

Guiding through the digital sea,

Tech's soothing embrace.

Not bad.  If Alexa will be able to do the same thing when prompted by voice, I'lll be impressed.