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•  From the Wall Street Journal:

"Netflix plans to raise the price of its ad-free service a few months after the continuing Hollywood actors strike ends, the latest in a series of recent price increases by the country’s largest streaming platforms.

"The streaming service is discussing raising prices in several markets globally, but will likely begin with the U.S. and Canada, according to people familiar with the matter. It couldn’t be learned how much Netflix will raise prices by or when exactly the new prices will take effect. Netflix declined to comment. 

"Over the past year or so, the cost of major ad-free streaming services has gone up by about 25%, as entertainment companies look to bring their streaming platforms to profitability and lead price-conscious customers to switch to their cheaper and more-lucrative ad-supported plans."

•  Variety reports that Amazon Studios - which produces content shown on Amazon Prime Video - has changed its name to Amazon MGM Studios, reflecting the company's 2021 acquisition, for $8.45 billion, of the storied Hollywood studio.

Still waiting for a change to "Whole Foods by Amazon" to take place, accompanied by a more aggressive integration of systems that allows for greater momentum that builds on their connections via Prime and Subscribe & Save.   They ought to own the connection to a much greater extent.