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Grocery technology company Instacart and health care provider Kaiser Permanente announced that they will team up "to study the impact of convenient access to nutritious food on health outcomes."

Here's how the announcement frames the study's intention:

"Lack of proper nutrition is the number one driver of poor health outcomes in the U.S., contributing to higher rates of diet-related diseases. Barriers to food and nutrition access are not experienced equally, with low-income and rural communities, and historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups being most impacted by food and nutrition insecurity.

"Kaiser Permanente will provide participants with Instacart Health Fresh Funds, grocery stipends that can be used to purchase nutritious foods and pantry staples like fresh and frozen produce, legumes, plant-based oils, and spices, from a curated virtual storefront. Participants will have items delivered to their homes via Instacart … The study will measure the effects of providing funds to purchase nutritious groceries for Medi-Cal patients with diet-related diseases. It will measure blood sugar levels as compared to the usual standard of care, reported food and nutrition security, diet-related disease quality of life, patient readiness to change, and hospitalization or emergency department visits."