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CNBC reports on a new survey revealing that US teens say they consume more video content on YouTube than on Netflix.

According to the story, polled teenagers "said they spent 29.1% of their daily video consumption time on Google-owned YouTube, beating out Netflix for the first time at 28.7%. Time on YouTube rose since the spring, adding nearly a percentage point, while Netflix fell more than two percentage points.

"The data point shows that the streaming business is getting more competitive, and highlights YouTube’s strong position as a free provider of online video, especially among young people."

CNBC notes that "Netflix and YouTube were the two clear leaders in terms of daily video consumption by platform. Hulu was in third place, with a share around 7%, according to the survey. Prime Video and Disney+ both gained time share, the analysts found. Teenagers indicated they were spending less of their time on cable TV, HBO Max and Hulu versus the spring, according to the survey."

KC's View:

I mention this because it is important to know where teenagers are if you actually want to communicate with them.  It is that simple.