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Amazon announced that its Amazon Fresh store on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle has "received a Zero Carbon Certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), becoming the world’s first grocery store - and Amazon’s first building - to receive the certification. ILFI awarded the certification in September, and is currently evaluating four additional Amazon locations, which are on track to achieve this validation of their carbon-reduction efforts."

According to the blog posting, the store's "many climate-forward features include a natural-refrigerant-based refrigeration system, all-electric kitchen and hot water heating systems, electric-vehicle charging for customers, and low-carbon concrete floors. These features are hiding in plain sight throughout the store, and customers may not even realize the floors they walk on have a lower carbon footprint, for example - yet, the store has saved over 100 tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) compared to an industry standard grocery store since it opened."