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Variety reports that while Netflix has wanted to get into live sports - just like Amazon and Apple - "it isn’t quite ready to start paying the massive rights fees that such activity usually requires."

And so, Netflix has come up with a solution:  "The streaming giant intends to launch a 'Netflix Cup,' a golf tournament that will pit race-car drivers from its popular Formula 1 documentary series 'Drive to Survive' against golfers from a similar effort called 'Full Swing.' Both sides will tee up in a match play tournament at Wynn Golf Club on the Las Vegas Strip. The event is slated to get underway on Tuesday, Nov. 14."

KC's View:

Sounds cheap.  Also sounds awful.  Then again, I'm not the audience - don't play golf, and would never watch golf on TV.

Maybe this will appeal top those that do.  If nothing else, it creates differentiated content.  And Netflix, like its competitors, definitely needs lots of that.

Plus, Netflix will be able to sell commercials for the event, which gives it another revenue stream.