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USA Today reports that Walmart yesterday " announced it will be 'removing inflation,' offering Thanksgiving meals at lower prices than in 2022 … The supermarket giant will offer two Thanksgiving meal options this year: one with ingredients for customers who like to cook from scratch, and one for customers who prefer more ready-to-bake options.

"Walmart's Thanksgiving meal basket includes main dishes and sides options from national brands, including turkey for under $1 a pound, ham, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Theses baskets can be purchased through Walmart's website or app for pickup or delivery."

At the same time, Aldi announced that "it will reduce the price on over 70 items around the store by up to 50%.  The price reductions include seasonal items like gravy, potatoes, green beans, cranberries and pumpkin pie, according to a press release, but also includes kitchen staples like butter and flour."

In both cases, the reductions take effect on November 1 and will run through the Christmas holidays.

KC's View:

This is where retailers like Walmart and Aldi, both with tons of resources, can make market share inroads, appealing to customers' stomachs and wallets.

It will be up to competitors to figure out how best to frame their own appeals to shoppers.  If it can't be on price, retailers will have to define the ways in which their relevant offerings will resonate with shoppers.

The one thing they cannot be is complacent, especially as consolidation occurs and reshapes the playing field.