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•  The Street reports that this holiday season, "Walmart has partnered with Angi so you can outsource the actual work involved with hanging lights. 

"The retailer is offering Christmas lighting installation and removal through Angi with prices starting at $149 for 150 feet of lighting installed … 'Walmart customers will see QR codes on shelves and the packages of lights. This code will give them the opportunity to purchase light installation from a skilled pro from Angi. Purchase of this service will be easy. Whether in a Walmart store using the QR code or while shopping online at, customers will be directed to the holiday landing page,' the company shared on its web page.

"Walmart will sell a joint removal/installation package for $229.

"Both Walmart and Angi have pushed these services as being an investment in spending more time with your family."

I think this is kind of brilliant.  It won't appeal to everybody, but to people with more money than time - a demographic that Walmart increasingly is trying to attract - this will seem like a wonderful option.