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From Fox Business:

"Workers from some of the nation's biggest pharmacy chains, from CVS to Walgreens, have planned another 'walkout' starting Monday as they continue to plead for better working conditions.

"They're calling it 'pharmageddon,' Shane Jerominski, a licensed pharmacist for over a decade who is helping coordinate the latest protest, told Fox Business.

"From Monday through Wednesday workers at Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid have pledged to call in sick, according to Jerominski. It comes on the heels of a protest earlier this month when Walgreens employees at 200 of its nearly 9,000 locations called out sick. Shortly before that, CVS employees in at least a dozen Kansas stores didn't show up to work in a separate walkout. 

"Jerominski says workers are demanding a slate of things to ease the onslaught of duties they have taken on in recent years. Some of the biggest demands include guaranteed hours and better pay for technicians. They also want pharmacists and pharmacy managers to have a direct say in the scheduling.

"The hope is that these changes will lead to better staffed stores, improve their work-life balance and reduce the margin of error that they say could impact patient safety."

All three companies say they are working to address employee concerns while maintaining service levels at their stores.

KC's View:

More and more, it just seems like the chain drug business model is broken.  Not very good at retailing (though their size for the moment disguises their lack of innovation), and faltering in their efforts to reshape the broader healthcare industry.