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Target said this week that it is "celebrating some important early milestones" in its Dream to Be education assistance program, a benefit that was launched in 2021.

According to the company:

•  "Among hourly team members enrolled in Dream to Be programs, turnover was more than 70% lower and the number of promotions was more than three times higher compared to those not enrolled in a Dream to Be program."

•  "90% of learners are frontline team members, furthering our aim to promote access to education."

Target said that "business, tech and language-learning courses have been most popular, but there’s a wide range of topics to study up on, from design to communications to engineering, and more."

KC's View:

Love this.  It has been a constant refrain here for decades - continuing education, however one gets it, whether formal or informal, is the juice that keeps life interesting.  Good for companies like Target that figure out how to capitalize on this.