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Axios reports that "Walmart stores nationwide will lower the lights, turn off the radio and change their TV walls to a static image for daily 'sensory-friendly hours,' the retailer announced Tuesday … Walmart's hours, which start Friday, appear to be the biggest shopping program yet for people with sensory processing issues, which include autism, ADHD and PTSD."

According to the story, "Walmart's sensory-friendly hours will be 8 to 10am local time each day at all U.S. and Puerto Rico stores."

The company said in a blog posting that "during these hours, we hope our customers and associates will find the stores to be a little easier on the eyes and ears."

Axios points out that "sensory-friendly hours have become more mainstream and the special hours have a more relaxed pace that allows people with sensory issues to participate more fully in normal life routines."

KC's View:

I think there is so much clutter and noise in most stores that even people without sensory processing issues may embrace these hours.  Which could teach retailers a lesson about how to create stores that can be a little more welcoming.